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Train of Thought - Dev Log 15

It's been a while but that was due to a variety of health-related situations and personal ones. For the summer the team's goal is mostly modeling related work and various studies of textures, lighting, FX, and programming. I will be adding screenshots as I get them over time, we have also moved our video format meetings to Discord as well. Due to updates that allow better multi-person screen sharing. As for myself being the main team coordinator, I have been doing some reworking of various documentation for both ease of life and visual purposes. Here are a few examples of what will be set up for July's workflow:


While this is not too different from the previous versions, I did reformat all of them to have better readability and visual consistency from document to document. It allows it to be printed as part of a packet set if we return to in-person meetings. As of currently, we are still set to be doing a remote format for the upcoming Fall 20/21 semester. If you noticed some date inconsistency with this example that's just due to a forwarding method. I ensure to fix it often to be as accurate as possible. This is just a format update example.


Here we have the monthly Gantt chart, which has been reworked for better readability and reduced to not as heavy content lists. While the items are still being reset I have removed a majority of it to the Asset list content. This will be prioritizing specific projects, sets, or scenes that need to be completed before the Fall season.

There are a couple of students doing summer semester classes to my awareness, so I am being very lenient for the time being. I will however try my best to ensure due to date consistency as we still have plenty to work upon. I personally will be attempting to do more environment art as soon as possible.


The Asset list is where a majority of model assets have now been transferred to and marked for various team members to select and complete. Some scenes still require more assets to be worked into but those additions will be determined after the second script draft is completed. I hope to see July as a much more proactive month for the team, we will do our best!

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