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Below is some of my most recent work of storyboards starting with my Senior Thesis Project Fernweh (you can find more about that above). Afterward is a collection of content for a story concept themed around the idea of two different beings developing a connection in a hostile/horror world, tentatively titled Face/Defect.

Fernweh Boards

This video is the last iteration of the Fernweh/Train of Thought trailer that was made for my Senior Thesis team. Below are a few storyboards that were drafted but not all included.

DnD - Shot two.png
Train Incoming.png

Face/Defect Concept

Face/Defect is a personal project themed in a bio-mechanical, post-apocalyptic world, centralizing around two core characters and their developing bond in the hardships.

These process sketches and concept art throughout the blog give you a rough overview of the visual/narrative ideas intended to be presented. Feel free to click the blog for more details, a few rough beat boards are below.

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