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Storyboard Artist
3D Generalist

Born in USA, 1996

2017-2021 Studies at University of Colorado - Denver, CO

An energetic and inspiring person, they have always aimed to do their best with art and community.


Receiving their bachelors in Fall 2021 at UC-Denver in a BFA, 3D Animation. They had won 3rd place in the Spring Art Show 2016 at the Community College of Aurora, and an honorable mention in 2017. They pride themselves on being a team member and are always thinking about the people around them. They were the Treasurer of the Phi Theta Kappa - Alpha Pi Pi chapter for a year and have volunteered their time in fundraisers and voter outreach.


Their greatest goal in life is to create stories and animations that inspire, connect, and encourage people in ways that will develop future generations. 


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