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Train of Thought - Dev Log 14 (Presentation)

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

This particular week the team worked on doing a presentation for our entire class. This is one of the rehearsals that we did for it. We will be doing another post of an updated one later down the line for introduction purposes of the narrative and game.

However since this week is Final's week, I suggested for the sanity of my team to take a temporary pause in order to accomplish various academic concerns. Being a collection of college students requires a multitude of responsibilities, especially depending on the class workload.

As of my personal COVID-19 situation, so far everything seems good health-wise. We are hopeful that there is nothing of dangerous concern yet. I hope that everyone continues to be safe during these times. The team will be returning two weeks after the final's week (Approximately June 5th). We will be doing a weekly game night on Saturday's however, so I hope to be able to document those experiences as well.

We will be setting up the summer schedule shortly, ensuring we push the pipeline and content further.

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