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Train of Thought - Dev Log 05

Today was mainly focusing on checking in with the team. The progress I have made with Damian is going a bit slow as I want to make sure he is an appealing character that fits in the style we are aiming for. I am going to start sketching ideas of what he may look like shortly, due to needing to start rough sculpts as soon as possible for him.

Character Reference Board for Damian

Overall my goal is finding portrait references that match the personality goal we are looking for our character Damian. He is supposed to be very outgoing, full of energy and positivity as an encouraging person to our player character. Currently, I like the idea of a sort of messy hairstyle with a very expressive nature, a smile that is warming and bright. Realism is not my greatest forte in style as I only practice it occasionally, however, I did make a couple of sketches below. I tend to mark down any that need tweaking or are not as strongly designed.


Additionally, my other focus is of course coordination and checking on my team. Making sure we have an agenda to go by for the next meeting and ensuring that we are pacing like we're supposed to. I can't expect everything to get done timely as we are all indeed students and thus have many classes to be concerned about beyond Production planning.

Discord Screenshot of how check-in reminders are done.

Discord is our primary form of communication when working on this project. While I know that Slack is technically the professional variation of this. My team is a lot more comfortable with how this particular system works. Now that we are starting to get into gear, our productivity will be a lot more active and intense.

Train of Thought Team working and sharing information


03-04-2020 Check-In

Some days I have to post things both on Discord and in a small notepad document until we can organize the information further. However, the team made wonderful progress today.

The beats have been detailed and reworked so we can start making polished beats and a refined script for dialogue. Character and creature meshes are a total of 8-9. We have 2 for the friend Damian, and Two for each support friend that can be modified by one base mesh. Additionally, we added a second leviathan to the creature set making it three models to work with. The rest of the team is focused on blocking out all the secured scenes with only one that hasn't been well defined yet. Thankfully it is a set that reuses one of the assets. I will be making a more detailed Gantt chart in order to emphasize detailed progression.

We have also secured the date for our Golden Train Museum Trip, and are planning to carpool together as much as possible. The current date is now March 23, and since there was mention of some dietary restrictions I will be looking with Conner for locations that can accommodate everyone.

So far we're on a very good production path! May the tracks be in our favor.

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