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Train of Thought - Dev Log 01

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Train of Thought is an immersive experience that is going through the story of a man's life through death (tentative). A lot of the focus is crafting an interpretation of what that journey may be. It is currently in the story development process and look development process.

My role within this project will change throughout, but the main emphasis is coordination/storyboarding as of recent. Today we discussed the boards that were sketched out already. While I feel that some changes need to be made, for our group we need to keep defining the world that we are creating for our main character. I started thinking of some different methods of visualizing the narrative and will post some concept art shortly as I make it. Most of them are rough drafts so I'll update photos of that process soon.

Overall as a coordinator and someone that note takes everything that's happening it is always a bit hard to tell if we're going in the right direction. However I have faith that this is a group that can get the job done and push forward. I think that a bit of in house talk is necessarily but overall it will go fine. The hardest part is always story, having helped note take for the main production short for the DAC in the previous semester I can honestly say that it is a challenge with larger groups. This group is slightly smaller than the team that worked on the main production's story but I know with a bit more pushing we can figure something amazing.

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