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Train of Thought - Dev Log 7

This week was a lot of reworking the document and organization of our group as we converted to online methods. So far preserving the discord method for check-in has been doing well. But below I added a Google Drive folder system for file sharing and data-keeping.

I placed a Sheets folder for my daily Check-In form which is a process of going through every task and the progress made for each one. This is kept separately from the Gantt chart, of which I update with the information below. We also added a detailed asset list to start making a collection of various props for the scenes.

CHECK-IN 03-18-2020

CHECK-IN 03-20-2020

As you can see I can use comparative measures of progress with each version, ensuring that I have the most up to date variation of a task/project by comparing the previous information. I also use it as a way to ensure if I have to consider removing some tasks from team members and spread them out to more feasible amounts. I do not desire to have my team overworked by no means. We will be doing an additional meeting in Spring Break on Wednesday the 25th of March. As a lot of us are recouping from the urgent transition.

I recorded the team meeting in order for it to be shared as an additional video. I will try to do this for every meeting done on a Friday. Below is the video for today's recording. I did a thorough overview of the document structure and the Gantt Chart details, followed by our discussion. We started to deviate at the end, so hopefully, it shows enough of our work. I would hope an understanding that we are a collection of students doing our passion, and showing the behind the scenes of our process helps.


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