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Train of Thought - Dev Log 6 (Corvid-19)

Due to some recent developments in the Coronavirus, the University of Colorado - Denver has proceeded to convert to Online Learning methods, starting Monday, March 16th of 2020.

This has lead to some changes in our overall setup for the Train of Thought Project, requiring some contingency planning and large file backups. My team will now be going discussions online, using Discord as our main source of communication. Telegram will be our secondary backup and file-sharing system.

The teachers have also started setting up meetup times on Zoom, a video conference program the college uses. I find that while this is extremely disruptive to the Look Development aspect of our project, we will at least be able to compromise as necessary. Our current plans for trips and travel have been placed on hold, even if within state to ensure the safety of our team.

From here forward I will be taking a designated reporting role, having less time on the creative process to my dismay. But, I am more than willing to take such a duty in order to ensure my team does the best they can. I will begin working on a checklist for myself to ask each team member and screenshots required on a timely basis. I am also forced to move the weekly update to Friday so that there is less trouble with collecting the necessary files for each report.

As a final note, this is a very turbulent time where there is no clarity as what will happen next. Because of this I will prioritize the safety and health of my team over the project itself. Since that is more important to consider than the final product. It is part of the struggles of life, and we all must push forward in our own way united. I apologize for the lackluster post, but it is important. I will see you next week.


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