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Train of Thought - Dev Log 16

Been a while since I have been able to provide an update, due to heavy scheduling to maintain so I apologize. We have been focused on presentations and asset production as a whole, after finishing the story animatic and script to a phase where we can push forward without too much concern.

Storyboard WIP 09-04-2020


Frenchy V. (Storyboard art) Chilli K. (Storyboard art, animatic composition)

Ben G. (3D Shots)

John H. (3D models)

This took a high percentage of my time and sadly I was only able to reach a 1/2 completion for the due date of the presentation. Since we are more focused on working on the previsualization in 3d form as the next step I only plan to be adding a few more additions as they rest will be filled with 3d modeled varients.


My process for storyboarding is that usually, I thumbnail everything in traditional pencil as I'm a lot faster than starting them digitally. I would then after selecting the thumbnails that had the composition I'm looking for that works best to the script, put them into Paint Tool Sai and digitally illustrate the boards.

PaintTool SAI Ver.2 (Preview.2020.08.28) Storyboard digital illustrating, Shot 04-10

"Why not use Photoshop?"

That is a common thought probably. In which I do know how to interact with photoshop decently. I have used this program for about 8+ years so for digital boarding it's preferred. You can also export PSD files with folders and prep it for photoshop's timeline instead to make animatics. It works well as a pipeline.

DIGITAL BOARDS Shots: 01-20, 04-10, 06-08, 10-10

A few examples of how I detail boards. Shot 01-20 (Upper left corner) is a composite shot that used a 3D block out as the basis for the board itself. Shot 04-10 is more polished as any time it is a shot within the park set I want to emphasize that it's an environmental landscape and not an interior. Shot 06-08 is part of a set that transitions into fading black. Shot 10-10 (Tentative) is a key shot of the entire scene itself, I make these to embody the core important part of the shot.


Production Managing/Coordinating


This was the scheduling (tweaked) for this month in order to prep for the next part. The next part is going to be the October Block which I am planning for a 3D previsualization animatic of the game's playthrough (or ideal playthrough) so we can start emphasis on set dressing. I do cater to the team's availability, so there are changes that will happen depending on the week.


There's been progress across the board, the team tends to focus on individual interests and content. So the majority of the time I am just making sure that the baseline of what's needed is done timely. October charts will be set up soon as well. Just trying to plan out what matches the academic dates with my production dates.

Overall the team's being great! I am glad to try heavily on pushing for the best, which we are at a constant. We are doing everything together, talking as often as we can. Looking forward to later content.

-Conductor Frenchy

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