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Train of Thought - Dev Log 13 (Covid at Home)

The majority of the check-in went well, a few people were absent due to work or other circumstances. There are some slight tangents towards the end, but for us, this is to help cope with the stress of what has been happening. I had a personal situation happen this week, that I will be lighter on my workload.

To provide a bit more transparency, my mother was confirmed to have COVID-19 yesterday. This has caused a lot of family responsibilities and concerns to be transferred to me. I am starting to pull back on my work in various classes in order to focus on what she needs, and because we are all quarantined for 2 weeks. I am somewhat mentally exhausted due to this. It has really started to tank down my emotional health and it is difficult to maintain 3 classes this way. I will do the best I can, but some updates may be much shorter.

As I been saying to a lot of people, use this as a reminder.

COVID-19 is not a joke, it can affect anyone you love at any moment. So the best we can do is to stay safe, stay at home, and be aware of our actions at all times. If the world cares to work together, we can ensure a healthy recovery from this pandemic.

Please, stay safe everyone.


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