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Train of Thought - Dev Log 12

This week was a variation of reorganizing the team towards doing the new requirements that were posted earlier this month along with an emphasis on art assets. A majority of the team is working hard on VFX/Animation testing for the Unreal Engine pipeline, while the other half focuses on concept art studies. My work has shifted to a mixture of organizations with art assets.

I have a process in which I locate locations of interest to add more structure to my storyboards, providing better perspective drawings. One example is this linework blocking of a D&D shop in colorado called Crit Castle, which their main floor area has a nice setup for one of the scenes within the game.

I have also been working on Keisha, one of the support characters. She was having some proportional issues, so there are some annotations from the other story members. Chilli and Houston. That helped me check to make sure she's as polished as possible.

While I know we are not required to get everything done, due to the conditions of the Coronavirus. I do wish to aim for as complete as possible. It has been difficult at times since I do deal with some personal difficulties relating to mental health. I am confident we will accomplish together as a team.

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