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Train of Thought - Dev Log 11

Train of Thought - Meeting 04/17/2020

Today we tweaked our entire plan for the next three weeks. Focusing instead on the new requirements our teachers provided which includes more illustrations and artworks. As for check-in, we reworked them to accommodate the new plan.


Revised Check-In for Next Week

Everyone that was present volunteered to a bunch of new locations, working on different things from the previous week mostly. A lot of our discussion was trying to reconfigure the art style we will be going for, instead of adding some stylization instead of realism.


With this new plan, there will be more artistic posts for the art direction side coming up. I am both excited and anxious overall. My team will do their best, I have a deep faith. In the meanwhile, we are starting a Saturday game night to add more team building. Looking forward to it!

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