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Train of Thought - Dev Log 09

This past week has been mostly a combination of revising some previous assets, as sadly one of our team members is on leave. However, as a team, we are heavily eager to continue working forward with two new members invited in by Conner. Seth and Devan are both coders who are looking to see what they can provide in adding more cohesiveness to the Train of Thought Project. They were previous classmates of Conner's when he was at Warren Tech.

Since then a lot of our focus is within the research phase of development. Ensuring that everyone is comfortable with Unreal Engine, which is currently version locked to 4.24 for the time being, and other programs ready to go. Seth has provided us a Github repository in order to place in assets and other files for the project. We are hoping to do a walkthrough of it on Wednesday so we can properly provide assets as needed.


DAILY CHECK-IN - Friday, April 03

DEV LOG Meeting - Friday, April 03

In general, we went over our various check-in content as well as ensuring the team was able to use the GitHub. Along with reblocking some previous scenes and noting important aspects to detail such as FX scene by scene with the script. The Turnout wasn't the full team, but that was due to a variety of people working and overlapping schedules. Thankfully my team is always very honest in letting me know their situations.

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